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In today's world, time is important and RemoteWaves saves your time by solving your computer problems instantly. We ask you about your software problems and our experts solve it within minutes. Whether it is a slow Computer or a software installation causing issues, we provide support for all software issues.

About RemoteWaves

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Have a problem wasting your time in your laptop or desktop? Give us your problem details, and we will solve it within minutes!

A startup based in Surat, India. We provide support for the following types of problems:


Virus or Malware can make your PC slow and difficult to use. Examples include Empty Pen Drives, Slow start up times, Unwanted advertisements in Firefox & Chrome web browsers, autorun viruses. While most viruses do not steal your information, some viruses or keyloggers can steal your personal information and transmit it to other person. Let our experienced engineers look into your Virus problems and solve them for you in no time.

Software Installation and Configuration

We provide support for installation and configuration of any Computer softwares. We solve problems like files missing (dll, ocx etc.), compatibility errors, configuration errors, version problems or any other issues. Whether you are an Architect working on 3Ds Max or you are a stock broker working with Microsoft Excel, we solve all your issues, small or big, instantly.

Windows Issues

We provide support for Windows issues like Registry errors, missing or incorrect drivers, Windows Updates, explorer.exe issues, Mediia Player issues, Codec errors etc.

External USB Devices

We provide support for issues with External Devices such as Pen Drives, USB Devices like Webcam, External Hard Disk, Media Players, Printers, Scanners and other devices. We also provide data recovery whenever possible.

Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome

Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome slow down or have issues often. These issues can be plugins, unwanted toolbars, ads, problems with web pages, Proxy server etc. We provide support for all leading web browsers.

Game Issues

Whether you are a Hardcore Gamer or a beginner, errors pop up frequently with Windows Games. We provide support for all Windows Games. However do note that we DO NOT provide any help related to piracy of games.

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For any other general support, feel free to contact us.

*Please note that we provide support for Windows XP/7/8/10 only. We do not support Servers at the moment.*

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